Kick off the autumn season with a new skill! Strengthen your intuitive abilities and learn new techniques to heal yourself and those you care for. If you’ve been interested in consciousness, healing, intuition or any of the discussions leading to awakening, this class is for you.

This class will also include an evening forum/discussion on 2012 and what it means to you. Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

We will be offering a Basic ThetaHealing course September 21-23, 2012 in Santa Rosa, CA. To learn more click here. Reserve your spot: call 707-636-HEAL.

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA – Learn more about your instructor

September 21-23, Santa Rosa, CA

Cost:  $500              Prerequisites: None                       Materials: ThetaHealing® book and manual

In this class you will be taught the basics of this profound technique.  You will leave a Certified Practitioner and will learn:

  • How to enter and maintain the theta brain wave easily
  • How to navigate the Seven Planes of Existence
  • How to activate your DNA and the DNA of your clients
  • The four levels of beliefs and how to change them to facilitate healing
  • The power of language and why it is important
  • About the psychic senses and how they play a role in healing
  • How to conduct a bodyscan for your clients
  • How to create healing through feelings
  • How fears are different than beliefs and what to do about it
  • How to clear resentments
  • How to speak to your guardians, guides and angels
  • How to manifest from the Seventh Plane
  • Gene work
  • Future readings
  • How to communicate with animals

You will learn the above plus so much more by being in this three day intensive workshop.  It is a three day class that is designed to create a powerful and effective base to assist you in creating a meaningful practice for yourself or with clients and family. reserve your spot

Get $50 off of your tuition when you sign up early!  Prepay and sign up now