ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA 

November 23-25, 2014 in Oshawa, Ontario, CA

Cost:  $600 CAD               Prerequisites: Basic ThetaHealing  Materials: ThetaHealing book and manual

If you loved Basic DNA, you’re in the right spot!  This class is packed full of feeling downloads, belief changes and exercises that will profoundly shift your life as well as the lives of those around you.  In this class you will learn:

  • How to maintain the theta brain wave to facilitate healing and have a better life
  • Dig deeper!  More practice on digging for key beliefs.
  • How to clear old resentments, vows and commitments that are no longer needed
  • How to release pain through the “Heart Song”
  • How to let go of resentments, regrets and rejections
  • How to clear free-floating memories or Engram Banks
  • How to talk to plants
  • To meet your ancestors
  • How to talk with the Higher Self
  • How to scan non-organic material
  • Discover how to heal with “Baby in the Womb” exercise
  • More about each Plane of Existence in depth
  • How to bend time
  • The “Heal the Broken Soul” exercise
  • Downloads, downloads, downloads!

In addition to the above, this class is designed with you in mind.  During the class you will be downloaded with hundreds of feelings to bring healing illumination to each individual.  Each student will experience the power of positive feelings and how beliefs can be changed through Feeling Work. This class is packed full of material and is designed for those who have already taken the Basic ThetaHealing class. reserve your spot