ThetaHealing® Basic DNA 

September 26-28 in Santa Rosa, CA

Cost:  $550 USD              Prerequisites: None                       Materials: ThetaHealing® book and manual

In this class you will be taught the basics of this profound technique.  You will leave a Certified Practitioner and will learn:

  • How to enter and maintain the theta brain wave easily
  • How to navigate the Seven Planes of Existence
  • How to activate your DNA and the DNA of your clients
  • The four levels of beliefs and how to change them to facilitate healing
  • The power of language and why it is important
  • About the psychic senses and how they play a role in healing
  • How to conduct a bodyscan for your clients
  • How to create healing through feelings
  • How fears are different than beliefs and what to do about it
  • How to clear resentments
  • How to speak to your guardians, guides and angels
  • How to manifest from the Seventh Plane
  • Gene work
  • Future readings
  • How to communicate with animals

You will learn the above plus so much more by being in this three day intensive workshop.  It is a three day class that is designed to create a powerful and effective base to assist you in creating a meaningful practice for yourself or with clients and family.