With wit, intuition and wisdom you will never be bored while in the presence of Ruben McAllister. At an early age he began the journey of becoming a gifted healer and has nourished his innate talents throughout his life. Ruben has been trained in a variety of methods which accentuate his passion for assisting others to reconnect to themselves and their path. He is known for clearing the obstacles, teaching through humor, and creating a space for others to heal emotionally, physically, mentally, psychically and relationally.

Here’s what some folks have said about working with Ruben:

“Ruben is a real ‘RUBY’ at heart. His work has been a great value at the center point of my life. He has worked with me, my son (age 14), my daughter, my wife, my mom in India (she is 96)… and the results have been instant every time. Sometimes we even call him in the middle of the night. He has been a blessing in our life… I love him & can assure that he will bring many blessings in many lives.” –AS

“Ruben is a born talented intuitive. If you want someone on your side who is completely supportive and has years of deep experience guiding people to their true path he is your man! Ruben can go where others fear to tread.” –JF

“Ruben McAllister’s greatest talent, in my opinion, is providing peace of mind.” –RM
He has helped people achieve positive results from all walks of life and every level of experience. He is a powerhouse of energy and a source of relief, liberation and harmony for many.

“Ruben readings are the BEST, it is a wonderful treat to experience what Ruben taps into and you finish your session feeling stronger.” JP
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Renata is a gifted, talented, and inspirational guide. Aside from maintaining high levels of consciousness, she is an expert personality profiler utilizing meta programs, intuition, psychology, numerology, and countless other modalities. Renata integrates quantum theories with ageless mystic traditions in her daily practice and enjoys applying her knowledge and experience to spiritual consulting.

Her practice focuses on assisting others in the navigation of their personal journeys through helping her clients view their difficulties as opportunities.

“Renata always has a smile on her face along with a “can do” attitude! She is extremely intelligent, outgoing, thinks outside the box and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.” L. C.

Renata holds a Bachelors degree in Economics, and she is an Advanced ThetaHealer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With these tools she has a well-rounded approach for assisting clients to find meaning and purpose in life and work.

She chooses goal oriented techniques and can discern quickly which path will take her clients in the right direction.

“Renata is one of the most generous and caring people I know…she is always doing something to help others professionally and personally. She should run for the presidency!” J. S.

“It is very refreshing and inspiring to work with you…I love the way you are able to give us some great “what should you do in life lessons” in a non-judgmental way.” D. T.

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